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In My Sister's Country
This tale of two sisters and the dark rivalry that simmers between them provides both a compulsive read and an insightful look at sex, manipulation, and power-and introduces readers to one of the most fascinating narrators in recent fiction.
“Beautifully compressed, sensually charged…A wonderful novel.”
- Steve Almond, NPR
“An authoritative fictional debut.”
- Boston Globe
“A darkly comic debut novel of sibling rivalry and family dysfunction…Amanda is the domineering force in Molly’s life, and the two continually lock horns. As Molly acts out her frustrations through random sexual encounters (including a risky obsession and charade with Amanda’s boyfriend…), she replays flashbacks of the twisted life with her sister and parents, in particular the tyrannical mind games their father played with the girls and his ruthless control over their weak-willed mother. There’s a sinister, dreamlike quality in the way Haines handles this material…Not for the psychologically squeamish,this inventive twist on family malaise makes the unbelievable believable and lingers creepily after the last page.”
- Publishers Weekly